Arkansas Writers' Hall of Fame

Each year at the Arkansas Writers' Conference, the Arkansas Writers' Hall of Fame recognizes and honors an outstanding writer from the state of Arkansas. To qualify, writers must have published a minimum of three books, received a significant literary award, and/or presented ample proof of journalist ability with news columns, editing, or credits for screen or staged plays.

2018                       Cara Brookins

2017                       Paula Martin

2016                  Janis F Kearney

2015                  Carla McClafferty

2014                  John Brummett

2013                  Mara Leveritt         

2012                  Kevin Brockmeier

2011                  Raydine Trees Nehring

2010                  Charlaine Harris

2009                  Phillip McMath

2008                  Shirley Abbott

2007                  Vic Fleming

2006                  Jo McDougal

2005                  Laura Parker Castoro

2004                  Dusty Richards

2003                  Charles Portis

2002                  Ellen Gilchrist

2001                  Crescent Dragonwagon   

2000                  Grif Stockley

1999                  Donald Harington

1998                  Clovita Rice

1997                  B. C. Hall

1996                  Andrea Hollander Budy

1995                  Paul Greenberg

1994                  Dee Brown

1993                 David Jauss

1992                 Edith Dean

1992                 Sue Abbott Boyd

1991                 Verna Lee Hinegardner

1991                 Jack Butler

1990                 Anna Nash Yarbrough

1989                 Miller Williams

1989                 Lily Peter