Home Inspections and a Buyer’s Guide

A home inspection is an unbiased, non-invasive inspection of a property, usually in association with the actual sale of the property. Home inspections are frequently performed by an individual home inspector who actually has the proper training and certifications to do such inspections. A home inspection report is generally available for review to the home buyer and the home seller upon demand. Home inspectors are not licensed home inspectors in most states, but they may be able to get licenses if they specialize in a specific field.

Master (Your) Home Inspection

Some home inspectors charge a fee for preparing the home inspection report. Home inspectors are experts in their field who have been trained in the specific areas of their specialty so that they can provide an unbiased and thorough inspection of the potential home. Because home inspections are typically performed before the sale takes place, they help to ensure that the prospective home buyer will purchase a home that has passed all of the inspections required by law.

It is extremely important for the home buyer to have a home inspection because it is the buyer who is responsible for making sure that the property has everything needed to pass inspection. The home inspection report is what the buyer is looking at when he/she goes to take a look at the potential home with the realtor. The home inspection gives the buyer a good idea of what the structural integrity of the home is and also gives them the confidence to make a good purchase based on the home inspection report. When a buyer takes a look at the home inspection report with the realtor they can go over the major components of the home that were inspected and which parts of the home need the most work.

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